Monday, October 27, 2014

Visiting Rocheport, Missouri

Disclosure:  parts or all of my visit to Rocheport was sponsored, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Just outside the very modern and hip Columbia, Missouri sits this tiny quiet little town called Rocheport, Missouri.

Known by those tourist that have come for a sweet escape, the cyclist that are passing through, and those who remember the great flood of 1993 - the year that Rocheport was almost no more.

I love that I can be upfront and completely honest with you all, because this is what I have to say about Rocheport....I would not visit Rocheport again, unless I took my sweetheart with me.

Okay Okay, Rocheport is this adorable little romantic town that you feel like you are stepping back to the 1980's - yes the town is older than that.  However, do you remember the Cosby show in the 1980's where you would see people walking down the streets holding hands, talking about how wonderful life was?  If so you can now envision Rocheport, Missouri.

When I arrived at Rocheport, I first thought this place does not belong here - then I decided I proud to have this place in my home state.

Rocheport sits on the edge of the Missouri River, but also sits on the edge of the Katy Trail - needless to say the Katy Trail is what makes it more famous than the Missouri River.  For those of you that do not know what the Katy Trail is a 225 mile trail that runs across Missouri - famous for cycling.
At Rocheport, on the Katy Trail you can see the famous MKT Tunnel that was built in 1892 - if you are not cycling through, I do suggest walking down to the tunnel.

Inside of Rocheport you will find quiet historical streets, with small boutique shops perfect for spending the day among friends....possibly trying on stylish hats.

Rocheport is also home to several Bed & Breakfast, I did not visit any of the B&B, but I did see them from a distance and they look adorable.  

Now here is what you must know before you go. 
  • make reservations before you go - this is a small town and rooms book quickly. 
  • yes Rocheport is family friendly, but I would probably not take my kids.  
  • public transportation - there may be some, but it scarce. 
  • there are a limited amount of businesses and they are small businesses. 
  • wear walking shoes

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