Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dining with Chef Trent Wiggins at Johnny T's in Fredericktown, Missouri

(disclosure:  I was hosted at Johnny T, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own - a free meal would not be enough to cover my work or buy my thoughts) 

So Chef Trent Wiggins and I go back pretty far - not really sure how far, but far enough that he once cooked me lunch in his pajamas - note this was at Vance's Vineyard -and a normal day for Chef Trent.

There is something special about Chef Trent, and I can never truly figure out what it is - probably the most
Trent sporting his Pajamas in 2011
at Vance's Vineyard
special thing is - I can never tell if he is telling me the truth, or telling me something just to get a reaction - by the way he treats everyone this way, not just me!

This past spring Chef Trent opened Johnny T's in Fredericktown - after 18 or so years cooking for other people, he took the plunge and opened his own restaurant.

He had been after me for a while to come visit, but as life goes - I would always pass through when he was closed.

I just happened to pass through Fredericktown last Thursday and Johnny T's was open, so I slide in and had lunch with my ol pal.

Trent's new restaurant Johnny T's is the "thing" in Fredericktown - and I was not the only one that thought that, as the place had a steady flow of people in and out - I saw several families, business folks, and couples stopping by to grab a bite to eat.

Johnny T's is the classic Breakfast/Sandwich Shop - with a little Trent flavor on the side - seriously folks - when you go visit tell Trent you want the same treatment Becky gets - but be prepared to laugh you butt off!

One glance at the menu and I was at a loss - unfortunately Trent and the waitress refused to order for me, so I finally settled for a Rue-Burger with Pasta Salad.

My Lunch

He swears there is no secret recipe for the Rue-Burger - it is just Corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand island, a 5 oz burger on marble rye - but it is like no other burger I have had before.  

I will admit I struggled to finish my meal - I suspect much of his menu is as hearty as this sandwich - as he has always told me that he cared nothing for a waistline, just wanted happy faces.  

Over this delicious Chocolate Pie- 

Chef Trent proceeded to pull his tricks out of his bag and make a mind blowing confession to me.

Trent said "I was in love once" paused and I thought Good Lord, where is this going, but then he finished with  "But I finished that pizza." 

You got it folks Chef Trent is bag of craziness that has one really cool place to eat!  

Johnny T's

Johnny T's is open Monday - Saturday 6:30 am to 2:30 pm on the Square in Fredericktown, Missouri. 

The rest of the time you can catch Chef Trent at - 
Trent has returned as the head chef at Vance's Vineyard.  Vance's Vineyard offers upscale dining, a wine tasting room, and if you have not visited you are missing one of the most beautiful scenes in Fredericktown, Missouri.  

Trent also now offers Personal Chef Services - you can hire Trent and his crew to create your own special meal for parties, weddings, or anything else you can think of.  I am sure if you ask nicely - he will sport his pajamas at your request! 
And finally a little birdie told me his future plans are right next door to Johnny T's - he is hoping to soon open a coffee/sweet/culinary fun shop.  Trent said he is looking to expand, bring new things to the area, and he just loves to cook.   


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