Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to tell your kids you are going to Disney World without them?

(Disclosure: Parts of my trip to Disney World were compensated, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own)

Every child's dream - their parent to go to Disney World and them be stuck in school.  This happened to my
6 and 10 year old this past spring.

At first I contemplated not telling them, but then I realized someone would let it slip or my 10 year old would possibly see it in the web, so I was left with the challenge to tell them.

Normally I would polish this up and make it sound all sweet and nice, but I knew they were going to be mad no matter what.  I mean Disney World without kids - come on?

So I just sat them down at the dinner table and I said it "Momma, is going to Disney World, and you are NOT".

No if, and, buts about it - the words just rolled out of my mouth.

The 10 year old sighed, huffed, puffed, and then later told her whole class how awful of a mom I was - for going to Disney World without her.

The 6 year old sat there for a moment, scratched his head, and then said "bring me something good back and try to meet Elsa - she seems cool".

Within a week the true soreness of Momma being in Disney World without them had wore off - yes my 10 year old will still tell her friends "Can you believe my Mom went to Disney World without me?" - Typically their response is "No way, what did she do?  Disney World is for kids, not old people like your mom."

My kids are not emotionally scarred, they are not wanting to move out or anything, they are not even mad at me - when I returned from Disney World they met me with open arms - tore through my suitcases, emptied my wallet - and loved me more than before I went to Disney World without them.

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