Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blogging for a Better Tomorrow

So often simple comments get strewed into something larger- while yes today I asked on Facebook for someone to publicly confirm or deny something - it was not to stir a hateful slander against anyone.

Politics are politics - I feel people deserve answers and I often get asked questions I cannot answer, so I asked someone else, or everyone else. 

In response to my Facebook post today, someone who is NOT my friend on Facebook for obvious reasons wrote this: 

 "As for the "Missouri Mom" I don't know what her profession is. I know that she blogs much about the community. It also appears that she uses the community as a platform for her blog. ( Example: Thank You Banner Press for writing about ...whatever... I love my town!)

I don't know how sincere the "Missouri Mom" is but she has a habit of inserting herself into county issues often ( which, in itself isn't a bad thing) but I get the impression that she uses these issues to try and glob on to whatever entity she can. In other words, I get the impression she uses her blog in an attempt to somehow get an inside track for the type of public job she often criticizes."

While I cannot deem this as slander - it is slander as he bashed my brand and when I responded, he responded with a "Shut the F Up" image. 

Honestly, this individual is no sweat off my back, because if they did actually read my blog, they did it only nit pick at my attitude - to some numbers are numbers, to me readers and followers are my friends.

However, for those of you that may have read the post and it caused you start to think about me, I would like to respond.

I desire NO public office - yes I question how community/county runs, but I pay taxes here and am an advocate for a better tomorrow.   I do not agree 100% with how things are run - rather it be the library or the road department, but I do no 100% disagree with it either. 

I do not use my blog or The Banner Press for political gain - or any other gain!  All of my articles, photos, or anything else I have submitted to The Banner Press have been for free.   I have donated my time and efforts so that Grandma's and Grandpas may have the opportunity to see photos of their grandchildren playing ball.  So that children who may never every have an awesome photo of themselves playing ball, might have one - I am not the best photographer in the world, but I have good equipment so I try to use it for good.

I have written articles for the paper lately, to help give community members and folks outside of our community ideas of what we have to offer - I do this because I care. 

Yes, I do speak out about political and community issues - often because someone has asked me to.  When you have a question about life who do you go to?  More times than not it is your Mom, well "Mommy Bloggers" as they have named us are trusted members of the community - I do not want to lose your trust so I am honest - sometimes the truth hurts.

I am very  open minded - my parents tell me that I am too open minded!  Tough, I have learned many of my lessons the hard way, therefore, I keep a broad open mind so that I understand people more.

Yes I get frustrated!  Who wouldn't?  Over the past few months we have poured hours of time into cleaning up, repairing, and planning events for our community - only to be criticized, ran around, or shot down by certain individual.  There are days that I have to go to our group and ask for a pep talk - they remind me that we are working towards bigger things.

My life is an open book - except the names of my children (even them slip out sometimes).  I have nothing to hide, while not everything in past is the most pleasant thoughts, I am not embarrassed or hiding from anything. 

I do have a job - while many believe I am sitting at home eating bon bons, typing up some long post about this or that - wrong, I actually work 2 jobs, have 2 +1 kids, and try to find time to squeeze in a few hours of community work. 

My advice to you disgruntle person, is delete your Facebook account if you do not want to accidently see my stuff.  I do not push it to your face, I am not your friend, and I do not appreciate you being so quick to judge. 

For the rest of you - it is your choice to read what I write - either way I appreciate each and every one of you! 

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