Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I cannot have anymore babies

So there is a nasty little rumor flying around that I am out to "trap" David into having another child with
D-man & I in 2009

I normally ignore rumors, unless they involve my children, I guess an unborn child would be my child (or that is how I believe).

So I will address this rumor head on I CANNOT HAVE ANYMORE BABIES.....Would you like to see the medical records?

6 weeks before D-man was born I made the decision that he would be the last, then 24 hours after he was born I was carted off to surgery.

Now we all know with today's technology almost anything is reversible....except me being able to have children.

When D-man was 18 or so months old I became very sick.  This was not something I shared with just anyone, but since the topic has come up I will address it.

Something went wrong, really wrong.  I had what I call the never ending PMS ( abnormal uterine bleeding)..... from the July to December I could barely leave my house without fear that I would bleed to death, or cause a huge mess.

I pretty much hid the situation other than my frequent trips to the doctor, the never ending trips to Walmart for supplies, and the constant blood test to make sure I was not becoming anemic from all the blood loss.  

After 5 or so months of trying different medicines, testing, diet change, physical activity change, and who knows what.  The doctors decided that I had an increased amount of scar tissue in my uterus from 2 previous pregnancies, and a miscarriage (that I did not have a DNC for).

Late December 2009 I was carted off to surgery again.  This time the doctors performed a minor surgery called an endometrial ablation...Basically they destroyed the inside of my uterus. 

Endometrial ablation the procedure removes the uterine lining and typically results in infertility....which does not bother me as I had already made that choice to start with.

The way the doctor explained it to me, if I was to every become pregnant (miracles happen after tubal ligation) that I would not be able to carry the baby.  There is nothing left inside my uterus for the embryo to attach to....it would just pass right through.  This could cause more medical problems, but being that I had a tubal ligation the chance of me becoming pregnant is very very slim.  

Now don't get me wrong, it would be a great honor to be the biological mother to David's kids.  He is an incredible dad, even when being the good dad is not so cool.  However, at our ages, we both having two children of our own, and the way society is today....I am kind of glad that this is a topic that we will never have to discuss.

Now to the person/people who think I am after a child support check.....I am not.  I am not the kind of person to trap someone into having kids.  I think if you put you brain to work, did your research you would see that I didn't really want my other child support check, I loved having my family. 


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