Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To sum it up.....

It is not a lie to say I have watched Facebook today, who wouldn't.  I also get alerts on my blog when people do post comments.  I have replied to some and will attempt to finish replying to others.

While this whole post Are you a Facebook attention whore? was blown out of the water by someone misunderstanding the fact that I did not have a chance to respond to a Facebook comment about a song they were looking for and I said a song completely not related and then I simply got busy, forgot, distracted, whatever and they thought it was about them.  I am sorry to that person, I think she is good person...like she wishes I would have worded things different, I wish she just would have asked instead of causing so much heartache to herself.

However, from this I have learned some of my beliefs are correct and it has opened up my eyes to another situation.  A situation that I can prove to you and a situation that breaks my heart.

While dozens shared, commented, and currently 649 people have read my negative post, so very few have read other post that have a true sentimental value.  Sometimes a value to someone other than me!

The photo above is a screenshot of today's stats from my blog, you notice the crazy number that logged on and read what has been labeled as my negative post?   What you don't see is the post about It is more than a Live Nativity.  Do you know why, because those people that took the time to read my negative post, comment on how horrible I was, talk about how self centered I was did not take the time to read a blog post about a Live Nativity that an entire church plans, volunteers, and provides this huge event free to the public.  I will say that post is also posted on another blog, but no one commented there either, not even people that had attended and said it was fabulous....a few people shared it, their pastor contacted me to thank me for writing the post, but everyone else must have missed this post...and believe me those people in that church could have used the extra attention, especially after the winter storm hit the weekend of their event.  

Last week I shared this link on my Facebook wall:

This picture is about an event that is put together by 2 volunteers (that I know of)  in the community, I know they have probably already dedicated 80+ hours of labor to the event.  On that post I got 1 like, and the original post only had 3 shares, and was seen by 155 people....those little boys and girls, and the 2 women that I know volunteer for this could really use the extra attention.  NOT me...I don't want the attention, I only post these things to spread the word. 

What does this say to me? 

This says people have a draw to negativity, they enjoyed the drama of 70+ comments bashing me, stating how awful it was for me to use that awful word, and be so dramatic. 

People are so quick to say it is all about me, yes I write in first person, yes I share my own photos, but if you went somewhere with me I would love to share your photo and talk about your experience...and I do often invite others to go along for the adventure.

I am by no means perfect, nor am I very good at much.  I do write, I do try to stay positive even through the train wreck I have been through, I also share a multitude of things and much of it does define who I am as a person.....I am just a very open minded person.  

I am not mad at anyone over this, nor do I want attention for it, I just want people to understand that I am my own thinker and sometimes I think out loud.  

I have a broad perspective of thinking, even though I am not highly educated.  I do not exactly get mad easily, I am quite understanding, just very verbal, and contrary to belief I do not like drama and felt awful that she thought it was posted about her.  

Here is to giving attention where attention is due and credit to where credit is do....

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