Thursday, December 12, 2013

The D-man is 6

 It seems like yesterday I was laying in the hospital, after a week of being in labor at home, waiting on this little man to arrive.  D-man my only planned child, has been such a blessing, education, and never ending wonder.

He is lovable and loving, he is quick on his feet, and he is smarter than I will ever be.

Today I am overflowing with joy as I go back down memory lane of my wild-eyed little man.

I love you D-man, I will love you unconditionally for the rest of my life.  I pray for you daily, I hope you grow to be an honest, happy, and full of life man.


D-man meets PaPa Rhodes

D-man's first Christmas

D-man meets his Angel GaGa

He always loved his Sissy Lesse

D-man was a good eater!  

First time at the Beach!

Mom, I can jump.  Just watch!

Mom, I promise we won't fall in. 

Free Hugs!  

GaGa I love you more than anything! 

His dancing partner MeMaw. 

Just us 3

2013 so many changes!  

We became Farmers
We started School

school not only made us smart, but made us look smart

we got style

we sleep on the TOP Bunk

learned to shop local

we got GW

We worked in the orchard

Grew a mustache

loved Momma more

worked the local car wash

We have David

Our adventures got BIGGER

We got better at crafts!
 Our Birthday Party #6

yes my mustache matches my cake

I will eat all these. 

GW we will go hunting tomorrow!

Mom, this is how we do it. 

Some major bonding over a Daisy Red Ryder BB GUN. 

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