Monday, December 16, 2013

How PayPal's Social Media Team showed me their customer service is good.

By now most of you have read or heard about my rant with PayPal and US Bank and my account being hacked last week.  

This was an ongoing 6 day nightmare and seemed like it would take months to get anything done.   Saturday morning I began speaking out over social media about my issue with PayPal and I have to applaud PayPal.  Within 6 hours of my post the social media team had not only reached out to me, but they had answers, and within 24 hours I had results.  Easing this momma's worries for Christmas and paying my normal day to day bills.  

On the downside my US Bank checking account still sits at huge negative hole.  I have been able to transfer part of the money back to my US Bank checking account (covering only the charges that are mine), however, there are so many overdraft and insufficient funds charges on my account that if I transfer all the money back I will still be in the hole.  After being fed up with the 1-800-USBANK phone customer service team, I decided this morning I would drive into town and talk to our LOCAL US Bank people.

Honestly, I believe our local branch wanted to help me, but their hands are tied.  They explained to me that they have no control, this is all up to the fraud department.  I get that, but all I really want is all the overdraft fees returned so that I could go back to normal business of paying my bills.

I have rerouted my plans and went a completely different route, cutting US Bank out of my normal day to day transactions.   

I also would like to say that while US Bank is a big company, PayPal is bigger, and US Bank has not once replied to my tweets or post, while other banks that are not even connected to this situation have replied offering to help me find a new bank....I giggle at this.

On a personal note, I think it is sad that our banking industry has become so "unpersonal" that we cannot go to our local banker and solve our problems.  I think it is sad that it took 10 minutes for someone to get the money out of my account, but will take up to 10 days for my bank to do anything about it.   This could be the cause of many of young Americans like me having so many financial struggles.

Have a Blessed Day!


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