Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Patchwork Acres Goat Milk Soap

Disclosure:  I have been given samples of Patchwork Acres Goat Milk Soap to try in return for this review, however, ALL opinions are my own.  

Dear Santa,

For years on my list you would always find expensive soaps, perfumes, lotions, oils, and anything I thought I
needed to make me look pretty.

Well this year I have been slapped across the face with reality!  Seriously! 

One, I realized soaps, perfumes, and all that other junk could not make me pretty!

Two,  I have been wasting money on products that may not be the best for my skin.

This year I have discovered locally made Patchwork Acres Goat Milk Soap and I think my skin has fallen in LOVE.  

The other night I was sickly and I normally when I am sick I take a long hot menthol bubble bath, well I was out of menthol, so I decided to give my Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap a try....well it was just the trick.  My skin felt so smooth and while I was still congested and sick, I physically felt so much better. 

A few days later I broke up the Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap, well this soap just made me feel like a fool.  A few months ago I spent $16 for a bottle of Black Currant Vanilla oil, well after using the Patchwork Acres soap, I see I wasted my money.  All day I kept "smelling" myself, reminding me how heavenly the soap was....yes, I am weird like that!

So Santa, when you are making the list of what I deserve, please fill my stocking with Patchwork Acres Goat Milk Soap.  You can buy the soap direct from Patchwork Acres, or you can find it at The Mustard Seed Botique in Marble Hill, MoZaic Art Studio in Cape Girardeau, or The Metro in Dexter, Missouri the way Santa, the soap cost on average $3.00 a bar!  WOW..... 

Santa, I  also hear she does custom orders for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, and large may want to consider ordering some from your elves!  

Sincerely with Love, 


(ps...I promise all my naughty mistakes can be explained) 

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