Monday, November 25, 2013

It is not about me, it is about honesty, love, what is right, and MY COMMUNITY

Today while parked in front of McDonalds a long time acquaintance of my family informed me what is being said about me and my recent exposure about  what is going on in our community.

What is being said: 

I am "self centered"- well yes the center of my world does orbit around myself, however, if it didn't my world would not exist.  In reply to this judgement, no one works for FREE if they are "self-centered", no one publishes their ideas for others to use if they are "self-centered", and no one gives back to the community if they are "self-centered".

I am a loud mouth - Yes, I am a loud mouth, I can tell lots of people lots of things, however, that is what a blogger does.....I can back up what I published last week with printed copies of emails, at anyone's request.  You are welcome to meet me in public and read the emails for yourself on my account if you do not trust me. 

People fear I will make the community look bad - well, I cannot make something look bad that is not already bad....I think that is obvious.  If you are living in fear I may expose something that you do not want exposed, well maybe you are not working for the best of everyone.

I am pushing for change to too fast and hard - okay that just sounds like someone on a power trip in fear of losing their control.   If you read the comments on my Facebook and my blog, our community wants they are BEGGING for change.  They are ready for our community to be FIXED, be productive, and work together.  They do not read my blog, so that they can get mad and dislike anyone, they read it for HOPE, for HELP, for LOVE that our community will come together.

My Response:  

I will admit that I may have not handled all of this "politically correct" however, I am not a politician, nor will I ever be, that is why I don't care what people say about me.

I am a MOM, and I see it like this:  When I catch my 5 year old  stealing cookies out of the cookie jar before dinner, he is punished.  The second time I catch him stealing cookies out of the cookie jar, I MOVE THE COOKIE JAR and remove his ability to steal. 

Now, I do not have a degree in how to run a community, but I do have a great deal of common sense about me....or at least I have been told I do.  I have exposed what appears to be something that should not be happening and as people get upset, and others start talking.........there is more and more things that should not be happening, that are happening.

Unfortunately, those that are in charge, do not feel the need to be a "parent" to the community and move the cookie jar, or FIX the problem. 

Life is really that simple, we live by faith, hope, love, and good morals then our community will be successful. If we do not live by good morals and standards and continue to cover up
the reality then our community will suffer and eventually someone will expose the truth.

To all those that are gossiping about me, or have became angry with is no sweat off my back!  If you look back at the comments on Facebook and blog, there are others that would love to have me around and my abilities, talents, and motivation will be put to good use somewhere!

God Bless!


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