Saturday, November 2, 2013

I use to Hate Duck Dynasty, now I respect them.

I am not much of a "fad" follower and when I first heard about Duck Dynasty I assumed it would be just another fad.

Then suddenly my kids (ages 5 & 9) started watching Duck Dynasty, so I was forced to sit through hours and hours of the show. 

The show gets on my nerves, I believe lot of the things that happen on the show is just for TV.  I also believe that most of the Robertson family flaunt their money.....many "rednecks" that follow their show will never be able to afford the flashy things they own.  

While I can still not say that "I love Duck Dynasty", I can say I genuinely RESPECT their family. A few weeks ago Lesse (age 10) came in packing The Duck Commander Family book by Willie & Korie Robertson.  I first rolled my eyes, then I noticed how "into" the book she was. 

A day later we were driving down the road and she said "Mom, can you believe Willie used to get Free Lunches at school" and "Mom, can you believe Phil and Kaye broke up one time"......then she slowly compared the hard times Willie had lived to the hard times that we have been through over the past few years.

I am still not "sold" on the Duck Dynasty show, however, I would like to thank the Robertson family for opening up and being honest about their life.  They are in societies eye, but they still hold true to their faith, their beliefs, and their values.   I dig that!

To my readers, I would suggest  you pick up their books, read a few pages, you might find yourself connecting and having an aha moment!


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  1. I love this "fad" that the nation is picking up on. We actually have a Christian family getting high ratings and a far reach to spread the gospel too those lost. They have spoken openly about how the show is staged based on things that have actually happened in real life or ideas that they think are funny. The network has tried to put a twist on the show by bleeping out words to make it sounds as if they were cussing. Phil came down hard on them for that b/c they have never used foul language on the show. I believe people are drawn to the show based on the enjoyment of watching a family that loves each other and enjoys their time together. People are hungry for the gospel of Jesus Christ and these people are willing to show the world Jesus. While it does seem unrealistic to most people that rags to riches stories are real anymore, this family is a great example that the American dream can still happen. This family uses the foundation of God's word to build their family on, because they have build them houses on the rock and sought God first "all" those "thing" were added unto him. I commend your encouragement to your readers to pick up the book. You never know where God can begin healing in someone's life. Whether it's the Bible or Duck Dynasty's book :)


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