Friday, October 18, 2013

More Beans Less Farts

I think my house is a sitting GAS BOMB, natural gas bomb that is...Human Gas!  With an almost 13 year
old boy living here we have more farting that monkey pen at the St Louis Zoo!

One of the favorite foods in our house is White Beans and Cornbread....this would be THEIR favorite meals!  I prefer salads, grilled fish, and a bit of red wine, but I often give in and fix a pot of beans.  Secretly I don't mind as it makes dinner fast and easy, but I do mind all the STINK

I have a "family secret" for you, it is a secret, because I have yet to tell the almost 13 year old this is why he has not been farting as much!

Peel a white potato and drop it in the pot of beans, just before they are done, pull the potato out and THROW IT seems to catch a lot of whatever makes beans so gassy.  Remember to dispose of the potato as one bite of it could set off a fart bomb (not really, but I am sure it taste terrible).


  1. I do an overnight soak when I cook beans and I throw a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in there, then I rinse before cooking.

  2. I sooo very enjoyed this Bean story, Takes me way back to when I was a fartin kid in the 60's. My brother was so gross, he would get a glass coke bottle let one rip, cap with his thumb and release under our noses! He is gone now, but I have many "Fond" (I use that word loosely, memories) Of my only and oldest brother. Thanks for a great read!


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