Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Broadway Brewery in Columbia, Missouri

(Disclosure My visit to Columbia was sponsored by the TBW Group, but all thoughts and opinions are my own)

It is not everyday that I can sip cocktails with my breakfast, yes, that was my highlight of Broadway Brewery in Columbia, Missouri.

With three kids, breakfast and cocktails are far and few between, but when I get a chance to have a big girl meal, I want  a place as hip and fab as Broadway Brewery.

I visited Broadway Brewery the last day I was in town during my road trip to Roots N Blues N BBQ, and this was the perfect way to finish off a fun weekend.
Those tomatoes were to DIE for!  

The Food -

I was dining out for brunch, now normally I am not a huge brunch kind of gal, but being that I was headed out of the city I indulged.  I ordered the Working Class Hero, complete a grapefruit cocktail (an alcoholic beverage)...the one thing that I loved the most about my meal is my eggs were Free Range Eggs, it is not everyday you see that advertised on a menu.   Yes it was as good as it looks!

The Setting -

I never rate a restaurant on their food, they have to completely impress me for their food to even matter to me.....frankly, I despise bad service.

I loved the setting of Broadway Brewery, this was a hip little restaurant in a true college town, with that said, it is a family friendly restaurant in Downtown area of Columbia, but I would most likely not take my kids to eat there. I would save this fab place for dining out with my friends, having cocktails with gal pals, or tasting some fresh brewed beer with someone special.  I am selfish that way and refuse to let my kids ruin my
Image provided by Broadway Brewery
So I could Pin their coolness!
favorite restaurants.

The Beer - 

I opted of trying their beer this time, I will return one day soon and have one.  The brewery area was beautiful and the beer smelled delicious, I just opted out this round.
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