Monday, August 19, 2013

What does Missouri Mean?

Between peeling potatoes, explaining the different kinds of sentences, and watching Mr D-man write his
name, Lesse my brainiac child wants to know if I know what the word Missouri means?  

I should know what Missouri is, especially while I peeling potatoes, make BBQ pork, and recite 6th grade English lessons.  

Well for all of you that have forgotten your 4th grade lesson on Missouri history (like me), here is what I learned as I peeled potatoes, worked on 6th grade English, and learned to write D-man's name.

Missouri means town of large canoes....I found this ironic considering we sit right on the edge of the Mighty Mississippi and it is obvious that you would need a large canoe to maneuver up and down the river.  Native American's were the first to settle in Missouri, and the word Missouri originates from the Sioux Indians. 

I find it ironic that I learn these funny things from Lesse, I title myself as The Missouri Mom, yet she is the Missouri history buff....


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