Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lodging in Marquand, MO

Disclosure:  in the past I have been compensated visits to these places, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own....Thanks 

Sometimes I feel like I get asked the most unusual questions, but then again I am unusual, so I guess it comes with being unusual....hey, that almost rhymes!

Yesterday, I was messaged about lodging in Marquand, Mo......word is out I am HUGE fan of small towns and Marquand is one of my "favs" (all small towns are my favs).

Anyways, I have spent a lot of time in Marquand, MO.....I seriously should be the Grand Marshal of their parade (JOKING).   So folks do consider me the go to girl for Marquand information....I don't mind and fan or not, I promise I will give you my honest opinion.

There is in fact LODGING in Marquand, Mo....yes that tiny town of 204 (I believe that is what I saw
the other day on their sign) in fact has 2 Bed & Breakfasts and 2 Campgrounds for folks to visit.

The Belmont Inn - I have had the pleasure of visiting the Belmont Inn in Marquand, the story about the Belmont is captivating, the house is beautifully decorated, but you want to know about staying there....Let's just say I would stay there again in a heartbeat and I would feel comfortable enough to take my little monsters with me.

Aunt Kat's Bed & Breakfast  - I have also had the pleasure of visiting Aunt Kat's B&B.....what can I say, I like to visit places!  Aunt Kat's also has a unique story, small town family just wanting to add more to the community.  Aunt Kat's is a bit more modern than the Belmont Inn, does offer river access, and like the Belmont I would return again in a heartbeat and take my little monsters with me.

Castor River Ranch Campground - okay campers, if you have not heard about Castor River Ranch, where have your ears been.....just kidding, I only discovered this place when they showed up in my Facebook feed....however, I will say if you have an RV/Camper you must check this place out.  I ventured out there last weekend for a swim with my little monsters and was amazed.  The campground is small, but it is so clean compared to many other places.  The beach area for kids to play is very very clean, and they offer all the amenities you will need....they are a "full-hookup" campground.
this is NOT my camper...just incase you are wondering! 
DD Highway Campground - now hold onto your seats...because I have NOT visited this campground YET....they are still on my Marquand bucketlist.  I have drove past this campground and can tell you it looks clean, friendly, and is right on the river.  This is what I do know they are a full hookup campground, with tent sites, showers, and restrooms.  For more information call 573-783-2426.....if I beat you to it, I will let you know what I think!

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  1. Becky, this is steve ball with dd hwy campground and yes we hope to have a real family atmosphere. We are finishing up the public bathroom and trying to get a large sign out front. Right now Wanda and I are out there on the weekends and I have some fellows that work with us there during the week. We have gone all out to try and clean up the area and make the beach as nice as possible. We have full hookups with water , sewer and electric....We are campers ourselves and hope the campground will be a positive for the Marquand community.


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