Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Waterparks in Southeast Missouri

D-man at Cape Splash in Cape Girardeau, MO 
A few days after I posted this article on TravelingMom.com about waterpark safety I received an email from a follower asking about waterparks in southeast Missouri and toddlers. 
I am familiar with two waterparks in southeast Missouri; The Farmington Waterparkin Farmington, MO and Cape Splash in Cape Girardeau, MO.   The reader was more looking for a “splash park” for toddlers; unfortunately, I am not familiar with any splash parks in the area.  However, both Farmington Waterpark and Cape Splash offer areas for those little swimmers. 

Cape Splash has a nice splash area for the little ones, the area is separated from the rest of the pool area, and there are lawn chairs surrounding it.  The down side is this area is open to all ages and can get crowded if a group of bigger kids decides it is their turn to use the splash area.  They also have a small wading pool are that is open for smaller children that is divided from the deeper area, however, they have the bucket that spills out and little ones can get knocked over by big kids.

Farmington Waterpark has a smaller area for little swimmers a few squirt toys, a small baby pool, and the wave pool that starts out shallow and gets deeper.  The Farmington Waterpark also has the bucket that drops and it is in the wave pool so you have to keep your eyes open for little ones. 

While neither park sound picture perfect for the little swimmers, do not hesitate to take them out for a day in the water.  Waterparks are not kid perfect, but they are fun-perfect.  My suggestion is go early in the day or late in the evening when there is fewer visitors.  Keep your eyes on your little swimmer at all times and follow all safety rules.  I often go with a gang of friends to have extra eyes and extra hands!     

There was a day in time that I was that paranoid momma that feared taking my toddler to something they may get hurt doing.  While I would never want my children to get hurt, I have realized that sometimes I have to let go of my fear to let my kiddos have fun! 

Have an Adventurous Day!

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