Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fishing at Duck Creek Conservation Area

They let me in the boat...SERIOUSLY!  Saturday afternoon, The Man and The Big Little Man let me gofishing with them at Duck Creek Conservation Area.  I am still stunned that I knew this place existed, but had never been fishing there, okay forget fishing, I had never been there to shoot photos. 

We arrived at Duck Creek Conservation Area just a few minutes after 4pm, I was a bit relieved we had let the sun settle as I discovered we would be renting a boat and paddling out on the lake to do some fishing.  By the way folks you can rent boats and paddles for $5 there from the Missouri Department of Conservation. 

The minute we hit the lake I was extremely bummed I had packed my book, but left my big camera at home.  I don't know how many fish are in the lake, but I can tell you there are tons of lillypad and dollar pads all over this lake.  

I was truly in photography paradise and was loving every minute of for the fishing, unfortunately a storm blew up about 2 hours after we arrived there, so there was no fish for us.  However, we caught a glimpse of some big turtles, a few beavers, a couple baby raccoons, and a herd of deer!  

Duck Creek Conservation Area  main entrance is located nine miles north of Puxico on Highway 51.  The area contains 6,318-acres with a wide variety of habitat and animals.      

Happy Adventures! 



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