Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are You Spreading Your Social Networking Too Thin?

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Experts say be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedn, Instagram, Klout, Google+, Foursquare…..okay you get my point, the experts say you need to be everywhere!  However, WHERE are your followers?  Are the experts your followers?   LOL…I doubt that!  I would pay damn pretty penny to get one of the experts to follow me!  Hell, I got excited and did the happy dance when the Lieutenant Governor re-tweeted my non-sense!  However, being on all those social networks takes time, effort, and brain power…most days I just have brain farts! 

Where are your followers?  Chances are if you are living in the same region as me, your followers are on Facebook…yes the blue social network that everyone gabs about!  I will never tell anyone to put all their eggs in one basket, as I have done that way too many times and totally #failed.  However, I do suggest focusing on one maybe 2 social networks, and let the big wigs chatter about the others...after all most of the time all they are really doing is chattering!   

In rural Missouri (where I live in the sticks) most people are on Facebook, in fact that is probably true anywhere, a few are on Twitter ( I think 30 in my hometown of 1400), and many are on Instagram.  If I was a local business working to Social Media Market my business, product, or brand in this rural Missouri area, here is where my target would be:

Facebook – this would be my focus, I would post daily, maybe 3 times a day depending on what I am marketing.  I would refrain from only posting about what I do, what is on sale, and I would post also about community events, inspiring quotes, and something funny…everyone loves to laugh.

Twitter – I would set up a Twitter account to follow other local businesses, even businesses that are far away, but similar and just to have staked my claim on my Twitter handle.  I would develop my own #hashtag that may someday help with my branding.

Instagram – okay I would have Instagram…I think I have preached a thousand times over why local businesses should be on Instagram!  Share your life, your story, and what you have in the most visual way you can…PHOTOS.  Instagram easily links to your Facebook and Twitter, #hashtags work, and you can follow local folks and start up some local gab! 

Social networking can and should be fun, it should never be let go to the side, as it has potential to bring in new customers and remind your old customers how super duper cool you really are! 

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