Monday, May 6, 2013

Bluff Dwellers' Cave in Noel, MO

One of Missouri’s “cool” places (literally) is ready to welcome guest for the summer!  Bluff Dwellers' Cavern in Noel, Missouri is not only ready for summer, but they are excited for summer. 

The Bluff Dwellers' Cave dates back to 12,000 BC the time of the Paleo-Indians, in 1925 the cave was rediscovered by Arthur Browning.  The Bluff-Dwellers Cavern has been open for tours since 1927, which is like 86 years…to me that is a big enough historical fact to make me want to go visit the cave! 

Bluff Dwellers' Cavern is fun for all ages, and they claim it is perfect for ages 2-102!  Okay, that is a score considering you can take the toddlers and grandpa!   The cave has knowledgeable staff (obviously bigger history experts than me), interactive tours, a museum with 700 locally found arrowheads and a Mineral and Fossil collection, and a play area for children.  

To fully enjoy the cave, museum, and the day allow around an hour and half for your visit.  However, to make your visit better compliment of Bluff Dwellers Cavern I have two FREE Passes for one of my lucky readers!  Follow instructions below, share with your friends, and take a trip to Noel, Missouri to visit beautiful Bluff Dwellers' Cavern!  

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Floating on the Elk River – enjoy the beautiful bluffs by raft, kayaks, or canoe!

Shadow Lake - a great place to enjoy the river and have some refreshments, but is also quickly becoming a destination of its own for its unique club atmosphere on the weekends.

Noel, MO -  Also known as Christmas City U.S.A since 1932.  Every year the Noel post office receives tens of thousands Christmas cards, so that folks may receive their Christmas Greeting from “The Christmas City”  Read more about the Christmas Postmark here

Have an Adventurous Day!   


More Photos:

Disclosure:  Photos have been provided by Bluff Dwellers' Cavern.  The giveaway is sponsored by Bluff Dwellers' Cavern, a huge thank you to them.  
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  1. This is really awesome, Becky! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, don't forget to enter to could be your next ROAD TRIP! :-)


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