Monday, March 25, 2013

This is BoCo

We are settled in, right back where I started!  I have started a new #hashtag and my theme is This is #BoCo.  

While I was only 25 miles away from home I have realized over the past week how much I have really missed!  My goodness, God is Good and he is so Good!  I look around everywhere and I see all the amazing things he has created that I once took for granted, then never realized I missed it, until I moved home and saw it with new eyes!  

Here are a few of my This is #BoCo shots from my afternoon run today! 


Becky in #boco!  #lifeisgood #farm #countrylif...
I will be the first to say #BoCo looks good on me!  I feel so FREE!  
My snowy afternoon run!  This is #BoCo!  #tmom...
The neighbors field....BREATHTAKING!  

I met my new neighbors!  #farm #boco #missouri...
I met my new neighbors, they seemed friendly or hoped that I had a carrot in my pocket!

Snow & Spring Flowers just don't mix!  This is...
Snow & Spring Flowers just don't mix!

25 years ago my GaGa took me swimming here!  T...
25 years ago my GaGa took me swimming in this little creek!

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