Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Travel Tuesday at the Missouri History Museum in St Louis MO

Today is Travel Tuesday…woot! Woot!  I have decided that I am going to share one place each Tuesday that the kiddos and I have found worth traveling to!

Today’s Travel Tuesday Destination is The Missouri History Museum in St Louis MO.  I know blah right this is a museum full of history, nope that is a negative!  I was blown away with the Missouri History Museum when I visited! 

While the Missouri History Museum is loaded with Missouri History, Missouri information, and well all the good stuff about Missouri.  The museum is also loaded with fun for kids; we found the museum to be very interactive, colorful, and fun for our whole family.

D could not get enough of the audio tour, while I am not sure he remembers anything the they told him, he sure looked mighty cute standing there so intrigued by the presentation. 

Lesse being that she is a bit older and could put together pieces of Missouri History with stuff she had learned in school.  Lesse recognized the exhibits on the St Louis Cardinals, loved learning about how houses use to look, and I caught here intrigued by the exhibit on the Great Fire of 1849. 

For me, of course I loved the exhibit on the 1904 World’s Fair, but my favorite part was that my kids had the opportunity to touch, learn, and feel at home in the Missouri History Museum.  

These are the things that I wish I would have known a long time ago about the Missouri History Museum.

  • Admission to the museum is FREE…that is right parents, a majority of the museum is free to visit.  A few special exhibits do cost, and you can find more information here.   
  • Plan PLENTY of TIME…I was a fail at this and thought we would only spend an hour at the Missouri History Museum.  Shortly after I arrived at the museum, I realized my kiddos could spend hours and was mad that we were leaving so soon. 
  • The downstairs of the museum is geared more towards a little older crowd than, my gang, but the upstairs watch out as it is full of FUN FUN FUN! 
  • The Missouri History Museum has been active in the St Louis community since 1866….doesn’t that mean they are part of history and experts at presenting history!
  • You can DINE at the museum!  Okay, so had I been thinking researching, and knowledgeable prior to our visit I would have planned to arrive at the museum mid morning monkey’d around for a while then grabbed a lunch break  at Bixby's inside the museum then off to discovery some more Missouri History!

The Missouri History Museum is located in the Forest Park Area of St Louis Mo, near the St Louis Zoo. 
Have an Adventurous Day! 


Part of the Audio Tour

A camera exhibit that catches you by suprise

Kids area with Puzzles

what would you look like 100 years ago

Punching the Time Clock

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  1. As I can see, cameras are not forbidden inside The Missouri History Museum. (Or are they?) :)

    Interesting. If I get the chance, I would also like to take my kids there. Thank you for posting this. By the way, can you also share some good accommodations within the area?


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