Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meier Horse Shoe Pines Tree Farm in Jackson, Missouri

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree Much pleasure doth thou bring me! Of course, that beautifully
decorated Christmas tree brings us all pleasure, rather it is the joy of decorating it, the joy of watching our children decorate the tree, or what is under that tree Christmas morning.

Finding the PERFECT Christmas tree can bring us more joy and a day full of Adventure. Many of us have replaced the idea of a LIVE Christmas Tree with plastic trees that fold up, collapse, and store so easily. I discovered with replacing the live tree we also replaced much of the excitement of finding the PERFECT Christmas Tree.

My little man and I dropped by Meier Horse Shoe Pines Tree Farm last year to visit a Christmas Tree Farm and see what it was all about!

With 14 acres of Christmas Trees and three varieties (White pines, Scotch pine, Virginia pines) to choose from you are sure to find the perfect tree, or the tree you will fall madly in love with. Meier Tree Farm takes the extra step to make finding that perfect tree more of an adventure!

The Tree Farm's personal greeting team will greet you upon arriving; a floppy eared dog begging to petted, a few roosters making their presence known, and a pin full of sheep nestled just at the edge of the tree field. While words may make this sound like a zoo, I cannot put to words how picture perfect it truly is.

While we could have spent hours visiting the sheep, chickens, and the floppy eared puppy, we were there to check out the Christmas Trees and to see how many Perfect Trees are there. I have a HUGE secret for you! It is not about the tree, it is about finding the tree, and Meier Horse Shoe Pines makes it perfect for you. With a horse drawn wagon, take a ride to the tree field, pick your own PERFECT tree and you can even participate in the cutting of your tree. Gentlemen, let me give you a bit of advice, this place adds the "romance" to Christmas, and you could earn a few extra brownie points from that special lady with a visit to Meier's Tree Farm.

We also discovered another delightful treat at Meier's Tree Farm, the gift shop. I almost felt sorry for the owner, but Moms and Dads; folks that own a Christmas Tree Farm have close connections with that Jolly Man and tend have that same spirit about them, and it is a good thing. My little man must have looked at every ornament, Christmas decoration, and train in this adorable little shop. He declared immediately that he would be returning to buy his favorite ornament (a light up snowman).

You will also find inside the shop custom-made wreaths and garland, made right there in the shop, that will give your house that extra Christmas feeling.

Visit Meier's Tree Farm's website or Facebook Page for hours of operation, special holiday events, and for directions to find your perfect Christmas Tree!  

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