Sunday, November 25, 2012

Heaven Just Gained our Best Angel

Christmas 2011

Many of our readers have heard us speak of our beloved GaGa.  We have been road tripping to GaGa for six years, spent many hours on the phone with GaGa, drawing pictures with or for GaGa, and teaching our GaGa how to make the perfect funny face.  

Tonight our GaGa finished growing her Angel Wings as Mr D-man puts it and is now painting rainbows all over Heaven. 

While my heart aches as I have just lost my best friend, my secret keeper, and the person who taught me many of the important things in life; I also know GaGa is dancing on the streets of gold. 

We appreciate all the prayers, thoughtfulness, love, and everything else that everyone is sending our way.  I can never put into words how awesome and supportive you all are and how much I appreciate you!  

Thank You & May God Bless you all!

~Becky, Lesse, & D-man 

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