Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shopping in Downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri

In my latest transformation from "married" momma to "single" momma, my eldest sister has a mission to teach

Yes Yes Yes via beckydavenport
I could so sport those with my dress pants! @ Pastimes Antiques 

me to be more "frugal".  I have always been "frugal" but I have never truly been a HUGE Thrift store shopper.  I would occasionally head downtown with the kids or the family and do some antique shopping, but nothing intense.  Well to my surprise, my sister happens to be a Thrift Store Diva...she hunts down the bargains, knows for the good loot, and is a mad case of "I gotta get the good stuff".

Today she buzzed me, she had a few errands to run in Cape Giradeau and so did I, so we decided we would stop off at a few of the Downtown Stores and do some shopping.  I mostly windowed shopped today, but I made notes for my future shopping expeditions...okay really I photo-logged everything that caught my eye!  

Our first stop was The Semo Safe House Thrift Store , my love for this place is all profit goes back to help local folks in our community.  Let us face it life can be tough and sometimes you just need a helping hand, well this place is a helping hand!  I snapped pictures of while sister, however, walked out

Dang it is only $2.00 & Tommy Hill via beckyda...
Dang it is only $2.00 & Tommy Hill @ SEMO Safehouse Thrift Store

with a bag of goodies, some for my kiddos.  Ha Ha she said they were in "need"!

We then headed down Broadway to Annie Laurie's Antiques, I personally could have gotten lost in this place.  I am not sure why Annie Laurie's has Antiques in her business name, yes there are antiques there, but it should just say Cool Rad Fun Stuff!  I totally lusted over a pair of purple cowgirl boots, they screamed my name for my upcoming trip to Dallas and the Family Travel Conference...I sadly had to leave them behind!

After my love fest in Annie Laurie’s Antiques, we were headed downtown to Main Street Cape Girardeau.  My sister obviously frequents Reruns on Main Street and truth be told I can see why!  Reruns is classy used clothing, for a classy price, of course I was sick to see a pair of Dr Martens shoes for nearly a 1/3 of the price as I had paid for my last pair!  Dang!  What was I thinking?  I will note here, the lady who runs this shop was incredibly sweet!  I travel a lot, and when I enter a shop and the owner acknowledges me, takes time to talk to me, and at least momentarily gets to know my name it says something for their business…. well she did that!    

We then crossed Main Street hit up Pastime Antiques, Judith’s Antiques, Back Porch Antiques, Sloan & Themis (sadly they are closed on Wednesday, but I was able to window shop). We neither one had ever been in Hempies so we checked it out, not sure it is a store I would frequent, but I loved some of their clothes!  I am sure I am forgetting a few of our other stops, but after 4 hours of “bargain hunting” and downtown shopping, I am exhausted!   

For a complete listing of shopping in the Cape Girardeau visit The Cape Girardeau Visitors Center’s website, they have a great shopping guide!

Have a Great Day!


The chick has it going on!  @Annie Laurie's Do...
The chick has it going on! @ Annie Laurie's Antiques
Shopaholic on a Dime! via beckydavenport
Shopaholic on a Dime! @ SEMO Safehouse Thrift Store
I always say put a bag over my head!  Hah! via...
I always say put a bag over my head! Hah!  @ Annie Laurie's Antiques

Totally me!!! via beckydavenport
I need these for my trip to Dallas! @ Annie Laurie's Antiques

Feeling Orange?  I am! via beckydavenport
I'm Feeling Orange! @ Annie Laurie's Antiques

Bam!  Total Must Haves!  #tmom via beckydavenport
Bam! Total Must Haves! @ Reruns 

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