Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ride the City Cape Girardeau, MO

Many of you know that the kids and I love to go biking, in fact just this week we were out biking the trail in Cape Girardeau and got caught in that nasty storm riding 2 miles in the pouring rain…..truly loads of fun.

I find biking to be the easiest way to fit in my daily exercise, especially now that I am a single mom juggling kids, life, school, and work. 

The kids have been riding since long before they can remember; Dillard use to nap in his bike trailer, and Lesse road the Tour de Corn when she was 7.

Well this past summer, on what seemed to be the hottest time of the year, I believe it was 100 degrees by 5 am, the kids and I were asked if we would be interested in head out to the trail with our bikes and participate in the Ride the City Safety and Educational Video.  Knowing it was for a good cause and the kids and I never mind getting our bikes out for a spin we agreed, no actually we were excited to be asked! 

This week the Ride the City Safety and Educational Video was releases.  Folks, this video shares tons of extra information, great ideas, safety advice, is easy to follow along, and hey there are 3 fun looking people biking along the trail in it (okay all the cyclist look cool, I just like those 3 best)
Check out the Ride the City video for great ideas and for more tips, to read up on proper signs and information check out the City of Cape Girardeau’s Ride the City website

Have a FUN Day,


The Ride the City video was produced by Videogize, LLC.
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