Monday, October 1, 2012

Online Survival Guide by Becky

Who needs an office?  I have a coffee table!  ...
Who needs an office? I have a coffee table! #workfromhome via beckydavenport

After the bazillionth time being asked by an 80-year-old farmer what the heck is a blogger and what do you do?  I have decided to start posting random questions that I get asked and tips that will help our community get social, get attention, and most importantly help bring in revenue to small businesses.

When I started Adventures Among Us, a thousand or so blog post ago, my original goal was to let people know what was going on in our area, where the cool places are, and fun things to do as a family.  I don’t claim success with that, but I do know it is working.  However, from the get go I saw a bigger need than just me telling people.  People need to be able to find the information, understand the information, and get to the source.  Well I live in the most rural area in the world….just kidding, but I do live in an area that is technology challenged.  Many of the areas around me have poor cell service, poor internet service, and just like myself struggle with keeping up on the online world. 

With that said I have expanded my mission, I have been told that it would be crazy to do this for free, but in reality giving a helping hand has a bigger reward in the end.

Now what the heck is my MISSION, I am going to periodically, randomly, sporadically share online tips for businesses, bloggers, readers, and anyone else that works via online world.

I will disclose I AM NOT AN EXPERT…I will be sharing how I screwed up, what I learned from my mistakes, advice I have received from others, why I dislike certain things, and how to’s on things I learned the hard way.   

I had thought about starting a new blog for this, but then that is just more work for me, and well I am LAZY, plus many of my readers are interested in blogging, social networking, and other things, beside my local travel adventures.   So here we go, you will randomly see post with a label Online Survival Guide by Becky this label will link you to other post that I have put up about living a life online. (there is also a link to the left of this post)  

With all that said, I am NOT an expert, so if you have a tip, question, advice, or criticism feel free to share with me….I am game to talk and learn to survive!

Have a good day,


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