Monday, October 8, 2012

A Day at the City Museum in St Louis, MO

Okay just be honest parents, I find the City Museum in St Louis, MO to be the most exhausting place around, but that is what makes it P-E-R-F-E-C-T! 

The City Museum is one giant educational energy-burning museum of stuff!  I know that is vague description, but there is not much other way to describe it!  Ball pits, giant slides, aquariums, and a jungle gym that seems to go on forever.  My 9 year old describes it as a junk yard that is made into  a playground and really she is about right.   

The City Museum truly is a must stop in St Louis, Mo in fact I think we have visited a few times and each time it just as fun!  Here is the catch, however, the museum is a blast, but there are things I advise every parent that is visiting for the first time.

  • Where good climbing shoes and loose fit clothing, you might as well get ready for your workout.
  • Dress in odd colors and remember what your child is wearing, on our recent visit I forgot to do this and it was a nightmare for me!  There are lots of kids, lots of small spaces, and trying to keep up with short people can be a nightmare. 
  • Take as little of stuff as possible, they do have a bag and coat check, I usually carry a backpack, but honestly even it can be a pain.  Pack lightly the tunnels are small.    
  • Eat well before you go, in my own opinion they probably could train special forces in these tunnels….yes you will become exhausted.  There is concession stands in the museum, so sneak a few extra dollars for snack time. 
  • The museum is handicap and stroller accessible, but there are so many places that are hard maneuver please keep that in mind. 
  • Allow enough time to do everything; it seems my kids spend hours in “skate park room” and then only seconds running through the Natural History section.  Allow yourself and the kiddos plenty of time to do what they want and do it twice. 
  • There is a Tot-land for the little guys, but don't be surprised if your toddler finds this place overwhelming....heck I am OLD and I find it overwhelming!  
  • Remember this building is 600,000 square-foot, I guess I cannot stress enough how large it is, just be prepared.  However, that 600,000 is loaded with FUN.

The City Museum is located 701 North 15th Street in St Louis, MO…please note that the parking and the main entrance is located on 16th street.  Please visit here for museum hours, and admission prices.  

Have an Adventurous Day!  


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Disclosure:  Our visit to the City Museum was compensated, however all thoughts & opinions are my own!  

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