Friday, July 27, 2012

Road Trip Survival Tips for Parents

The kids and I just returned tonight from our long awaited summer getaway to Kansas City, Missouri. I think we have been on the countdown for this trip since our last trip to Kansas City...yes it is that great! I personally believe in travel as a unique way to educate my kiddos, but just like my kids, I usually end up with just as much EDUCATION as they do, only on a different subject!

I think every time I pack those smiling little faces in my car I learn something new or learn that they have learned something new that is going to make our trip a bit more interesting! Tonight I am probably going to embarrass my little "angels" to death, but I will secretly hide this blog post away only to drag it out on a special occasion like their wedding day. Let us refer to that as my "Momma's Secret Revenge Stash"....yes I have a box labeled that! Continue to Read More

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