Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet the Perryville Alpacas at Breezy Ridge Alpacas

Breezy Ridge Alpacas is not your typical Southeast Missouri farm as there are no cows, pigs, or chickens. There are just 17 Suri alpacas, a few dogs, and the Alpaca’s parents Dean and Connie Bleche.  In the past few years, alpacas in Missouri are becoming more popular.  

Alpacas are known to be gentle, easy to handle, and a bit skittish, but what most people do not know is they grow some of the most luxurious fiber in the world.  Suri alpacas’ fiber is full of luster, feels very fine, has a slick handle, cool feeling, looks elegant, and has great strength.  Alpaca fiber can be compared to the feeling of dry-wick material. Products made from this fiber are often used by hunters and outdoors-men to keep them dry, cool, or warm when needed.  Continue to Read More

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