Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacationing as a Single Mom

I have always feared that I would not be able to navigate, control, and make it anywhere on time when “solo” with the sidekicks…fact is kids take time and move slooooow!  We did it though, we survived a music show, a boat cruise, shopping, a cave tour, water park, and sleeping in a Tree House.  Guess what Momma’s it is not that bad in fact I think I have found my kids behave better and respect me more without someone there helping…but hey this was our first attempt!  

Things to know while traveling as a Single Parent

  • Take 2 of EVERYTHING…yes I mean everything.  2 blankets for the car, 2 IPods, 2 of the same drinks, 2 sets of cookies…or well if you have 3 kids take 3.  You get my drift. 
  • Plan plenty of stops -You must stop even more often than when you have 2 drivers, everyone needs to get out and stretch and get a break from each other.
  • Playgrounds are your friends- rather on the drive, once you arrive, or just for a break playgrounds can be your best friend.  20 minutes on a playground can lead to an hour of no arguments!
  • Arguments happen- I will not say this was a total non-argument trip there was probably about 100 or so arguments along the way.  One included mommy pulling the car over and standing beside the car pretending to be furious!  I never truly get furious, but I can act pretty mad at the drop of a hat. 
  • Give older kids task- Lesse was an extra hand so many times from carrying bags to answering the phone she was a big helper. 
  • Give little kids task- don’t leave the little ones out that only causes more drama, give that little fellow a kid size bag to carry and let him feel big.  It is a double benefit as it cuts the drama and frees your hands. 
  • 45 minutes is about all the down time a small fellow can handle- don’t expect them to sit still too long after about 45 minutes they can no longer stand it, there is a reason movies, music shows, and most events have intermission. 
  • Give up worrying about what others think- rather your kids are being good or bad, who cares they are kids and don’t worry about others think!  We had melt down at 9:45 pm during a late movie in the pool, exhaustion had overcome us, but we could not drag ourselves out of the movie.  Sometimes you have to be a parent even when you don’t want to be a parent!
  • Enjoy the simple things- as we departed breakfast on Saturday morning we discovered a duck swimming in our hotel pool…yes we stood gawked for a while, but that was only a special memory we can share together.
  • Allow others to help- always use caution, but as we toured the cave the little man did not love it at first, but the little woman was enthralled with the tour.  The tour guide stepped in engaged with both of the kids and the tour was a success!

While we had our disagreements, our distractions, we also had one of the best trips ever…for me it was the most rewarding know I can travel solo and have real fun with my kid!  


***Our trip was sponsored by The Benders-Walker Group


  1. Definitely useful tips! We do the playground thing, too -- sometimes even on church grounds (try to avoid on Sundays). And LOL at you standing outside the car pretending to be furious!

  2. I've watched those ducks swim in that same pool with Carsyn. Great advice, particularly about moving slow....sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down and gawk at the ducks!


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