Sunday, June 24, 2012

Missouri State Fair..It’s a Show-Me Thing

 A fair is a just fair until you visit the Missouri State Fair and really see how it is DONE.  Last August my family and I made our first trip to the Missouri State Fair, and while I probably visited dozens of fairs across Southeast Missouri, I can say there is still reasons everyone should visit the Missouri State Fair.

If only I could tell you everything there is to do at the Missouri State Fair, but that would almost be impossible (or I would have to work for the fair).  I can tell you there is more than I could ever imagine at the Missouri State Fair.  From tractors of all colors, to cowboys and cowgirls, to farm animals of all sizes, to rides that are beyond imagination, and a piece of Missouri history in the midst of it all there is something for everyone at the Missouri State Fair.

When I think of vacations, road trips, and family outings, I try to remember what stands out in my head the most.  For our trip to the Missouri State Fair, it was the Ferris wheel; at every fair previously, I had begged my dear Celesse to ride the Ferris wheel with, as it is my favorite.  Begging, pleading, and bargaining had never won before until we hit the grounds of the Missouri State Fair, Celesse conceded her anti-Ferris wheel stand and we had our first “total” family Ferris Wheel ride.  I have to admit I felt like I was on top of the world. 

Coincidences happen when you are in Missouri:
My Ryan often giggles that I never go a place without running into “kin” folk, well it has to be a Missouri thing!  After driving 6 hours from home, spending the night in Lebanon MO, touring an Alpaca Ranch, and then finally making our way to the Missouri State Fair, whom do we see?  My dear old cousin, yes folks that is a Missouri “thing” we can drive miles from home, only to see folks from home.  For our evening entertainment, we selected to watch Missouri’s finest cowboys and cowgirls perform at the rodeo, and lucky for us my cousin was among one of those finest cowboys!

The Missouri State Fair is only a once a year event, but that just makes it EXTRA special.  The 2012 Missouri State Fair is August 9-19,  it is time to make plans to attend.  From concerts to contest, carnival rides to tractor rides, you truly understand the Missouri Show-Me Spirit at the Missouri State Fair. 

To keep up with Missouri State Fair news and for helpful tips to make your plans to visit the Missouri State Fair visit their website or follow the Missouri State Fair on Facebook and Twitter.  

See you all at the fair! 


Random Photos From the Fair:

*****Our visit to the Missouri State Fair was sponsored by The Missouri Division of Tourism.  A big Thank-You to them for giving us the opportunity to visit the MO State Fair.

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