Thursday, May 31, 2012

Missouri Hidden Treasures Getaway Giveaway

It is your, or someone’s lucky day to win a Missouri Hidden Treasures Getaway Package.  It is no lie that I am in love with Missouri…hence; I am the Missouri Traveling Mom, but why because Missouri has so many unbelievable treasures. 

Here is the scoop on how to win, and I hope one or all my readers win:

Look for the special 12-page “Hidden Treasures” insert in the May/June Midwest Living magazine, the flyer is loaded with pictures, descriptions, and loads of ideas for your Missouri Summer Getaway…including a few I have been to and shared with you like Warm Springs Ranch.  Purchasing this magazine is not required to win, but will give you many great ideas of what Missouri is full of. 

Now how to win:  Purchase is not required as stated above- the Missouri getaway packages are valued between $150-$450; plus the grand prize of a SIMON Gift Card valued at $500 compliments of Battlefield Mall and Independence Center.  WOW!  What a score! Read below for all the juicy entry details....

This list is how the giveaway works (copied from the official giveaway rules):

  • No purchase required to enter.
  • To submit an entry, simply navigate to  (Details, rules, and a prize list are posted on the site.)
  • Every Friday morning, April 20 through June 22, three winners will be drawn at random, to receive a Missouri getaway package, valued at $150-$450. Winners will be notified by email at noon, CDT.
  • Weekly winners will be announced on VisitMO’s Facebook page.
  • You must register each week, beginning at 9 a.m. on Friday, to be eligible for the following Friday’s drawing.
  • You can only win the weekly drawing once; however, all winners are eligible for the grand prize.
  • When you register online, if you agree to share the contest information through Facebook or Twitter, you are also eligible for the grand prize, a SIMON® Gift card valued at $500, compliments of Battlefield Mall and Independence Center.
  • The grand prize winner will be announced on VisitMO’s Facebook page at noon Monday, June 25.
  • You can follow the giveaway on VisitMO’s Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages, using the hashtag, #VisitMOtreasures. 
You can enter to win at #VisitMOtreasures Getaway Package: 

I do hope my readers will click over and enter, as I will be cheering you on, and reminding you to enter from now till 9 am on June 22, 2012.  

Have a Smashing Day, and plan another great Missouri Adventure!  


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