Saturday, March 3, 2012

On my front porch

On my front porch

The winds thru the cedars make a peaceful sound
Raindrops from the porch roof, spatter on the ground
Somewhere in the distance, the calling of an owl
The sunsets behind the hilltop, there’s that coyote’s howl

Here in Sulphur hollow, on my front porch with my old dog
I hear the sounds of nature, and the peeping of the frogs
rockin on my front porch, in my old rockin chair
Brings back days of my childhood, with all my old friends there

I can hear my nearest neighbor, but his house is out of sight
I hear his old John Deere tractor, when the wind is right
We are the best kind of neighbors, the best there is around
Cause the only time we see each other, are on our trips to town

The evenin chill is coming, and spring is coming slow
Better put another log on the fire, cause it’s burning low
I’d love to share my front porch with you, and our souls we both could bare
But ya see, I don’t like strangers, and I jest got one rockin chair

The wind thru the cedars makes that peaceful sound
The wild goose in formation, honking on north bound

Here in Sulphur hollow, I’ll wait for the Lord to call
In peace in contentment, feeling sorry for you all
Earl Schrum 03/24/04

Earl is a comedian by day, and a poet by night!  Just kidding folks, but Earl does share the TRUE Missouri spirit.  Earl is a proud Missourian, and probably has funny as any Missourian may come.  Thank You Earl for taking the to share your poetry!

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