Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day in Southeast Missouri

Well Gentlemen, unfortunately it is that time of year again...we have passed the Superbowl and have rounded the corner to the make it or break it romance day of the year! I know you're heaving that big SIGHHH thinking well shucks what am I going to do this year. If you are anything like my dear Ryan, (please do not tell him I confess this publically) you cringe at the thought of spending all that $$$$ for one night! No worries, Becky (your inside guide to a woman's head) is here to help....of course I do not think like EVERY woman, so use your best judgment at my suggestions!

Valentine's Day on a Dime...

Okay not really a dime, because a dime would not get your car out of your driveway, but you get my drift. What is there to do that is affordable, I am going to share a few "secret" details of what Ryan (after many failed Vdays) has pulled out of his bag and has worked....yes Ryan is quite the tightwad, yet still manages to spoil me like a princess occasionally!

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