Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vacation on a Dime in Missouri State Parks

Recently I was reading a post by a fellow Mommy Blogger about State Parks in Illinois and bringing fun back to nature. I applaud her for being uniquely different, and speaking out that fun can be focused around real things.

Many of us forget about visiting our State Parks, and even more of us don’t realize how affordable it is to visit or stay at a state park. I know when I first started “adventuring” with kids; it was hotels or no go! I know I am pathetic! A few years back for my birthday, Ryan surprised me with a weekend at Sam A. Baker State Park. While I still had to cook, clean up after my kids, and spent a majority of my time outside in the woods, I felt like I was worth a million bucks.

Here is the scoop, several of Missouri’s state parks have various types of lodging; I personally prefer the cabins. Why you ask, probably not a huge shocker to my readers, but I am not a very good camper. In fact, Ryan now refuses to take me camping! However, you can still get close to nature without throwing out a tent and sleeping on the ground…for all that do tent camp; I applaud you and please keep camping! Other than not being a good tent camper, I have found a family staying at State Parks can be more affordable than hotels. Continue to read more here

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