Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Really Vacationing on Vacation at Eagle Hurst Ranch

One of our Top Picks for Family Vacation places is Eagle Hurst Ranch.  I am going to need a book, a scroll, or a never-ending piece of paper to share all the reasons why we picked Eagle Hurst Ranch as one of our favorites.

Vacationing on Vacation is what I have renamed Eagle Hurst Ranch!  Normally I start by telling you all the amazing things to do there, how affordable it is, and why you should go….today I am going to tell you what I did NOT have to do! 

Mommy did not have to cook lunch or even think about lunch, I did not have to entertain my family, no dishes, no laundry, no cleaning, and best of all NO WORRYING!  Yep you got it folks I sat around with my feet propped up, I laid in the fabulous swimming pool, I left my running shoes at home and took a few casual strolls, and I ate like there was NO TOMORROW…that part I sort of regretted. 

Of course, I only got away with all this relaxing because my kiddos were well entertained, well fed, and giggling the afternoon away.  This is what the kids did do (brace yourself) pony rides, floating on the Huzzah River, swimming in the pool, shuffle board, bingo, roasted marshmallow, scooter riding, played badminton, hayride, made new friends, played in the dirt, filled their tummies with fresh chocolate chip cookies, went on a nature hike, visited the horse stables, fed Marshmallow the pony apples….sighhh I told you the list is LONG! 

When I asked my kiddos to tell me their favorite vacation instantly both screamed HORSE RANCH!  Obviously as busy, as they were Eagle Hurst Ranch made a GREAT IMPRESSION on my wild bunch!

Now guess what all this entertainment is INCLUDED in your stay!  This was the hook line and sinker of the deal for my dear hubby!  My poor man despises driving around looking for ways to entertainment, dining, and anything else I might con him into doing.  Eagle Hurst has you covered all for one price!  Put your worries aside, get ready to relax and visit Eagle Hurst Ranch for some delightful fun. 

Visit Eagle Hurst Ranch’s website to view their cabins, see their 2012 rates, and please read over other guest testimonials to see how much fun they also had! 


Our visit to Eagle Hurst Ranch was sponsored by the Butz Family...and BIG thank you to them for giving us the opportunity to TOTALLY Relax!

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