Monday, December 19, 2011

Destination Grandma’s House…AKA Eggers and Company Bed & Breakfast

Warm baked cookies, patchwork quilts, peace and quiet, secret hideouts, and those fond memories of Grandma's house may come flooding back in.  Eggers and Company Bed & Breakfast may not be your Grandma’s house, but it is Ellen Frye’s grandma’s house and she is ready to share it with you.

Continuing our list of our favorite family vacations spots, we have added Eggers and Company Bed & Breakfast in Farrar, MO.  As many of us, I have so many fond memories of my grandma’s house, and miss those simple days I spent as a young girl running through her house.  When I stepped through the door of Eggers and Company I felt like I was child again and I was looking at my grandma’s things.   

Eggers and Company B& B’s specialty is taking you back in time, rather it is the idea of returning to Grandma’s house or it is just taking a step back to yesteryear's.  Minus a few modern day conveniences (indoor plumbing, central heat, and air conditioning), the home has been restored to its former appearance and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  To read more of Eggers and Company’s history please continue here

Eggers and Company is open for by reservation Friday and Saturday year around.  June through August rooms are available Wednesday through Sunday.  Eggers and Company has three rooms available to rent, and each guest room has their own private bath.  Common rooms include kitchenette, the attic game room, parlor, dining room, and the summer kitchen, which is no longer a kitchen it is actually home to a private hot tub available for guest to escape in.  Parent's most B&B's are not something I recommend for kiddos, but Eggers & Company is kid friendly and Ellen wants to share the Eggers and Company experience with your kiddos! 
Visit Eggers and Company's website for a complete list of accomadations, prices, and watch for upcoming events hosted in Eggers and Company General Store. 

Eggers and Company earned our two thumbs up seal of approval for being historical yet modern, convenient yet secluded, and for great hospitality that we all desire on vacation.


Please continue here to see more photos of Eggers and Company Bed & Breakfast. 

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***Note.  My family and I have not stayed at Eggers and Company Bed & Breakfast, we have only visited there.

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