Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day....We Salute you!

Today as we wave our flags at the many Veterans that paraded through the streets of Jackson, MO. My favorite little boy in the world looked up at me said "Mommy, am I a MAMERICAN, and why am I a Mamaerican?"  What can you say to those chubby little wind burnt cheeks as they are standing there looking up at you. 

My Dad's VFW Post.  Post 5900 Bollinger County, MO
Yes, Dillard you are a "Mamerican" (we will work on an American) and you know why you are a "Mamerican"? Because All gave some, and some gave all!

Today, I salute all Veterans, but I throw a BIG Salute out to my little "Mamerican's" PaPa Rhodes, not only for serving our country years ago, but for teaching us what Veterans Day really is about.

We Honor our Veterans and Military every day (in our house), but today we step out of our way to give you all extra big THANK YOU for all you do.  Not, only do you pick up and leave your home, your family to serve our country, but you many times pick and leave to serve us.  There are no words to actually express the gratitude we should give you, but today and everyday know that there is a special place in our hearts for you Veterans and Military Men and Women.

My Dad during his tour in Germany

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