Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being Thankful for my Past, Present, and the FUTURE

Today, just like many other Americans it crossed my mind what am I REALLY thankful for?  Of course, every day I am thankful for all the blessings in my life, but today we all give it an extra thought. 

Me in 1999
My Past, while like most there is some of my past I would like to leave in the past, but much of it I want to take with me to my future.  From my past, I am most thankful for my very FIRST job!  I am thankful for Bollinger County Builders Supply and the man who hired me Leroy Minson.  Today as I cruised through my hometown to visit my parents, I thought about my days behind the counter at Builders Supply.  The great folks that I met there, the kind people who taught me stuff I needed to know, and the contractors that would give me a hard time.  I remember the day I learned how to use a Circular Saw, the day I learned to cut glass, and the day I learned the difference between PVC and CPVC pipe.  I may never use these well-learned skills and knowledge again, but I am thankful I know this stuff. 

My Present, I can honestly say I never guessed I would be where I am today.  I have no clue where I thought I would be, but family life “IRONICALLY” was not in my plans.  I know snarl at me, think of me as a bad person, and laugh at the irony.  I was told very early  in life that once I had a baby I would no longer be the baby….well that is TRUE, but I am the baby’s momma, which is even BETTER. 

My CRAZY family 2011 
Every day I think about how lucky I am to have “accidentally” met Ryan and we “accidentally on purpose” had to two AMAZING kids together.  I have been more than blessed with my crazy kids, my patient husband, and the great friends that surround me.  This year I have met so many people, built new relationships, and reconnected with old friends!  Each and every one of you have inspired me and touched my life in some way and I am so THANKFUL for YOU!

My Future, I have no clue what the rest of 2011 or what 2012 holds, but I can say I GOTTA GOOD FEELING!  Life is beautiful, and we can make more beautiful each day, and I am THANKFUL for a BEAUTIFUL future! 

Here is to you and yours, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy this beautiful holiday season!


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