Thursday, October 20, 2011

Star Gazing with Rothbrick Crush

I love this little winery here just out side of Jackson, MO and what a neat little event they have planned. 

Gentlemen if you are looking for a new way to charm your lady, you might just blow her away with this event Rothbrick Crush has planned.

Pack your blanket; dress warm and head to Rothbrick Crush winery located 420 Peckew Trail Jackson, MO this Friday night for some stargazing.  (10/21/2011 from 7 pm to 10 pm)

Rothbrick will have telescopes and an "expert" on hand to guide you through a night of star gazing.
The will also have a bonfire to warm up with and roast marshmallows, and I am sure they will have plenty of bottles of wine on hand. 

I highly recommend this place,  I have visited Rothbrick Crush before, and they earned our 2-thumbs up for being one classy place. Click here to read about my visit to Rothbrick Crush.

Have a Great Weekend!


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