Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Twisting V Grille & Vance Vineyards

I have finally had the chance to eat at The Twisting V Grille at Vance Vineyards in Fredericktown, MO…just so you know it was not because I did not want to, it was strictly me making the time to stop in there. 

Rather you are looking for a place to have a nice dinner as a family (when I say nice I mean elegant), a place to stop off for the afternoon with your gal pals, or looking for place to surprise that special someone with a nice night out The Twisting V Grille and Vance Vineyard is your place.

The Twisting V Grille’s contemporary American menu will satisfy the appetite of anyone and while many places like this can seem a bit pricey, I found Twisting V to be rather affordable.  Twisting V and Vance Vineyards earns our two thumbs up for offering stylish dining at an affordable price. 

Chef Trent

While many of you may never see the face behind the food, I had the pleasure of meeting the Executive Chef Trent Wiggins.  Trent’s culinary talent makes Twisting V Grille’s food what it is…if you want my opinion, it is delicious.  Although if you ever meet Chef Trent, do not be alarmed I have drawn the conclusion he is a Chef disguised as a Comedian.  With that, said Chef Trent gives Vance’s Vineyard and Twisting V Grill that extra special pizzazz that makes the staff smile and this fun yet stylish place to enjoy the afternoon. 

Twisting V Grille and Vance Vineyards is located at 1522 Madison 212 in Fredericktown, MO you can also get a glance at their menu at  I must also add the Vance Vineyards host many music events, Sunday Champagne Piano Brunch, and even has a Halloween Event coming, up so be sure to check out their events page on their website.  For reservation, please call 573-783-8800…I do suggest calling ahead on the weekends or holidays.

Have a great day and enjoy this amazing weather! 

**** My visit to Twisting V Grille was provided by the Director of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce

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