Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Great Jumping Mules at East Perry Community Fair, Altenburg MO

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The first time Ryan asked if I wanted to go watch the mule-jumping contest, I thought he was crazy.  Really to sit on hard bleachers with a kid (then only Celesse) that was only going to sit for about ten minutes, and watch mule jump over a pole…Yeah Okay.  He drug me out to East Perry County Fair Grounds, I am sure I complained the entire way knowing me.  We arrived at the stands and I remember thinking this many people show up to watch mules jump…wow.  It might have been about ten minutes into the contest and I soon realized I was DEAD WRONG…  Jumping Mules are cool. 

Please do not ask me anything about rules, regulations, heights of the bar, or even how they judge mules jump….I by far am no expert!  However, ask Celesse about Super Snowball’s ( I think that was the mules name or that is what she named it) great jump…unbelievably that was 4 years ago and Celesse can still vividly tell me the details. 

The jumping mules at the East Perry Community Fair has drawn a crowd for years, I was just too silly to know what I was missing.  You will find yourself enthralled in the excitement of watching the mules just barely miss the pole, or even better watch the “stubborn” ones refuse to jump.  I am always amazed to see the excitement on my little jumping mule fan’s face as she picks her favorite mule and cheers the mule on right up to the end. 

East Perry Community Fair’s (Altenburg, MO) jumping mule contest will be held at 5:30 pm on Saturday, September 24th.  For a complete list of events, please visit East Perry Fair Events
Have a Great Night!

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