Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photos of Marquand's Historic Park

Across the highway from Homan Hall is the town’s adorable park; I am not sure you will ever see a park like this one anywhere else!  In the middle of the park sits the Henry & Jane (Bess) Sitze Homestead, around the cabin is an array of antique equipment mixed with park benches and picnic tables that are just inviting you to sit and stay a while!  I can only imagine having a nice picnic lunch with my family in this park, yep, it is one of those cute little parks that you can just fall in love with, or fall in love in…..you just never know! 
Just behind the cabin, you cannot miss the gigantic bridge sitting in their park; my daughter claimed it to be the famous bridge to NOWHERE.  Marquand’s bridge may not be going anywhere, but where it has been is what is most important.  The bridge is the E.S. Lett Memorial Bridge and originally was the bridge across Castor River on the west side of town.  When MoDot determined the bridge unsafe and planned to destroy it an interested group in the community negotiated with MoDot and now a forty-foot section of the bridge now sits in the middle of the park.  We found this bridge to be the perfect place to practice our cartwheels and running round-offs, but really is used for music performances, and other town functions.
Conveniently located very near the bridge is the town’s playground and rather you are traveling through, or there to stay this playground is the perfect place to burn off some extra energy!  Rather it is 20 degrees outside or 120 degrees outside my kids seem to always have a need to burn off energy on playground this nice….and guess what Mom and Dad there is a park bench located very close for you to kick back and relax on. 

Sitze Homestead Cabin

Tourist in Marquand....aka my family

"the bridge to nowhere"

Sitze Homestead Cabin is a photographer's dream

My hubby hanging out in Marquand's Park...I know he just made this park look even better :)

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