Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 3 Road Tripping to MO State Fair

Shhhh don't tell Ryan, but I am hiding in the hotel room while him and the kids are swimming!  Yes, I was a good Mom and swam with them for about an hour and then snuck off to shower....well here I am!
We have had a day, first we tour a 31 room Lodge.....I am not giving my secrets away on this one, you will have to wait and read all about it!
Then we made Celesse's dreams come true, and toured Warm Spring Ranch.......WOW WOW WOW, what an excellent & welcoming facility for family tours!
We stopped off in Boonville grabbed some town maps from tourist place and checked out a few local places very nice town.  We then drove back up to a town called Blackwater...I felt like I was in an old western movie....cute cute cute town with a HUGE population of 199.....I bet they will be excited when someone has a baby and their sign rolls over to 200.....just kidding.  Really neat folks!

Well I must run, I hear my monkeys coming down the hall....I fear someone may soon realize they belong to me :)


Our Road Trip to the Missouri State Fair was sponsored by The Missouri Division of Tourism and a BIG Thank you to them for giving us the opportunity to see how Great Missouri is!

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