Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventures Among Us...Celebrating Life, Love, & our inspiration

Celesse's newest adventure!

Today, we celebrated the biggest inspiration behind Adventures Among Us!  She never fails to give our stories some pizazz, never fails to make us laugh, and most of all she is the drive behind our "adventures." 
She has talent beyond words!

Eight years ago our world changed forever rather we were ready or not!  It is hard to believe how fast the past eight years has flown by, how much our lives has changed, and how much Celesse has changed us!  Celesse was born a true adventurist; she took her first steps at 7 1/2 months, she had her first BAD bike wreck at 2, and climbed to the top of her first Fire Tower at 7.  We admire her for her spirit, her bravery, and most of all her heart full of LOVE! 
Riding Horses @ Rothbrick Crush Winery

Happy Birthday to ONE of (sorry you do have a brother) the BEST Gifts we ever received, we love you more than we could ever put into words and look forward to watching you grow up to be an AWESOME young lady! 

Love Always,

Mommy & Daddy

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