Monday, August 1, 2011

Adventure in our Driveway

Can you see the excitement all over his face!

I am not tall enough yet :(

Don't tell Daddy we used his cooler for a bucket

Such a Man, taking care of the racing rims!

He was about to fire at me, and yes he soaked me!


Some Serious Spraying
Those tires need extra attention!
While I have a dozen or so “adventures” that I need to share with you; today I took some time out and allowed Dillard to plan our “adventure.”  Being a man, a little man, he decided we would make a car wash!  Our car wash was an exciting car wash; probably more exciting for my neighbors as Dillard chased Mommy around the yard armed with a garden hose…folks there are no pictures of me! 
I promise I will catch up on my adventure writing, but I thought I would take a moment to share a brief picture of what our everyday life looks like!  Oh and by the way we don’t wash cars for a living! 

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