Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dillard Mill State Park

While flipping through some old pictures I came across a few pictures from another one of our adventures last fall! This adventure was a very meaningful adventure for us; it is not every day that you visit a state park that shares your name! I am sorry state of Missouri in my 3 year olds eyes Dillard Mill State Park is named after him and belongs to him!

I had seen a brochure on Dillard Mill when my Dillard was only a couple of months old knowing that he was much too young to even care I tucked it away in my I wanna visit someday box. Last fall we noticed just how much Dillard was loving the outdoors and hiking trips, so we planned out special trip to Dillard Mill State Park! We packed our picnic lunch, bug spray, and our camera and off to Davisville, Mo we headed.

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