Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away and please wait a while to come back!

We all have been watching the news and reading the headlines of how much rain has fallen and what areas have been affected the worst. So many local areas have been affected so badly and so many place my family and I have visited or want to visit. I couldn't visit all of them this weekend; however, I did drive my kiddos down to the riverfront to see how BIG the Mighty Mississippi is and it is BIG!
As we drove down Broadway towards the river Dillard (my 3 year old) screams "Momma they closed the wall" he knew something had drastically changed on the riverfront. We have spent so many hours downtown walking along the riverfront, watching barges, guessing what's that piece of dabree floating by. As we drove a little farther down towards the Red Star district he loudly screamed "Momma is that boat gonna get us" I glanced up and it literally looked as if we were feet away from the tug pushing barges down river. Yes we were plenty safe, but WOW I have never been able to see the boats over the wall.....that was scary to me!

We drove a little further towards Red Star district and of course the roads were closed and our excitement from seeing the boats turned to sorrow for the homes that were all under water. Celesse (my 7 year old) was the saddest to see all the children's toys under water. I feel for these people as their homes and lands are flooded. Cape Girardeau as of now is one of the least affected by the storms many areas like Cario, areas around Wappapello Lake, the stretch of highway that stretches between Marble Hill and Peidmont, Clearwater Lake area, Dutchtown, Whitewater, Delta, and I know there are many many more that I have not included. My heart reaches out to all the individuals who are affected by these terrible conditions. I would also like to give a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers and emergency workers that have been filling sandbags, helping people evacuate, and rescuing those that are stranded. I would also like to give a big SALUTE to our military men and women that have left their families and homes behind to go assist in this disaster. My kids and I had quite the treat to see a large convoy of military vehicles headed south on I-55 Friday morning....I would also like to throw in an extra special thank you for those "Army Mens" (as Dillard says) that took a moment to wave at my little guy as we so made his day!

We are called the Heartland for a reason and I think in a time of need we really see our fellow communities pull together and help our neighbors in need.

Normally my blogs are full of fun adventures and neat places to visit, but this one is going to be a bit different. I am attaching a few photos from the flooded streets and the Mighty Mississippi and I am also attaching a few websites that if you are able (I know we all have our own obligations and can't always do everything) to assist someone then please do, even if it is just to drop off food or cleaning supplies, or simply keep them in our prayers!

May God Bless us and protect us from these mighty rains and I do pray that all this rain turns those flooded crop grounds into a prosperous harvest....I am a farmers daughter and remember the worries flooded fields can bring.


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