Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ever just want to escape!

Everyone always ask where to you find these beautiful places to go. I thought it was common knowledge that we were surrounded with so much beauty...guess not!

Most of us has heard of Big Springs in Van Buren MO, did you know there is about a dozen other springs in that same area. Also there is about a dozen Mills similar to the Bollinger Mill in Burfordville.
I have hiked almost everyone of the springs around Van Buren, I have not been able to venture into any of the caves, and unfortunately currently you cannot enter them due to the rare bats. You can, however, visit them and should just seeing the caves is awesome!

Our last trip out to the springs we left our house around 6 am drove to Van Buren stopped at the Conservation Station (to get maps) and then hit the road again. We managed to hike 3 springs in one day with 2 kids. We picnic lunched and had fun just hanging out!

If you are a nature lover or just a beauty lover these are a must!


Springs & Caves

Historic sites

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