Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Places in Cape Girardeau

I have not visited either of these places, but have checked out their websites. I think they both look really neat and do plan to take my kids to them soon.

They are both located in the old Rust n Martin building by Dexter Barbecue in Cape named the City Centre of Cape Girardeau.

As I have read on inside the City Centre there is The Source Yoga that offers a tremendous amount of Yoga and Yoga related classes and some dance classes. They have several teachers and classes at all hours.
Also they have a place called LeBounce this is similar to Jumping Jacks and Monkey Joes in St Louis. I noticed their website has not been updated to give hours and info so here is their facebook link also!/lebouncecape
I also read there is a new cafe built inside the courtyard of the building called Cafe Soupe...sorry no link for them.

Here is also the link for the Southeast Missourian's article on the new building.

If any of you have visited any of these new businesses and have more information please share. I will update you all when I get a chance to visit them!


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